My cousin’s birthday party is always a memorable day for me, waited for a whole year to celebrate the occasion. This is the time when we have a great get-together with combined friends and family members. My cousin is my class fellow and age fellow and we have a few combined friends who always have a great pleasure to enjoy some time in one place. My cousin is closer to me than a brother. I always wish the best for this person. Due to the variety of pictures and e-cards with nice images, you will be able to pick up such greetings which will show your relationship with the birthday. He/She will be definitely happy!

Happy Birthday Messages For Cousin

Happy birthday to my all time favorite cousin. Without you there is nothing in my life.

Happy Birthday, Cousin! Wishing you a lot of happiness, love and success even when we are not together but my best wishes are always with you.

My cousin I wish you a happy birthday and a wonderful and lovely new year!

Dear Cousin, I know that every passing year you get older, it seems like time goes very fast . Wishing you a happy birthday my dear cousin and I hope there is many more to come!

I pray that you find peace, happiness and prosperity in everything you do. Happy birthday to cute and precious cousin.

Wishing you to achieve every success in your life.

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Every time a new folder is open in your life, My sincere prayers to God to decorate it with lots of Love, fortunes and treasures. Happy birthday to beautiful cousin.

I love you to the moon and stars, want to be with you for the rest of my life. Happy birthday my cousin, you are so special to me.

Special prayers for my cousin that God bless you with the beauty and give you the wisdom to appreciate in life. Happy birthday.

I wish that may you find amazing things in Life that will amaze you forever and help you in growing successful. Happy Birthday.

Its a great celebration from your angle. Happy birthday, cousin.

Wishing to your cousin’s sister who’s celebrating her birthday today.

My beautiful cousin in the world whom is like a real sister to me. Thank you for everything, my dear. Happy Birthday

Regardless of how far we are in life, our childhood years will always bring us together. Happy birthday to you, my sweetest cousin sister. I love you so much!

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In the end, you will find happy birthday cousin images with beautiful messages. Hope you will love it. And get a good response from your cousins, like celebrating Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. But I genuinely want that there should be a Cousin Day!

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