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Saying Happy Eid Mubarak to someone not only increases happiness but also increases love. So for this, it is necessary to select the best kind of Happy Eid Mubarak Wishes or congratulatory messages so that the next person will be impressed and happy to read the messages.
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How To Wish Eid Mubarak | is it appropriate to say happy eid?

If you don’t know how to wish Eid Mubarak then we will tell you how to wish Eid to your relatives and friends on this wonderful occasion. 

First of all, here we have written a lot of Eid Mubarak Wishes which are the best way to make your friends happy. Also, you can give gifts to your friends and relatives, so that love for you will grow in their hearts.
If they are in front of you, you can hug them, but if they use social media, you can send them Eid al-Fitr Greetings to make their Eid full of love and joy. Even if the Eid season is starting, you can still say Advance Eid Mubarak to your loved ones in advance.

Happy Eid Mubarak Wishes For Family

eid mubarak status for family

Eid has brought more happiness to our family and I pray that this day will prove to be very peaceful and happy for us.

Whenever the day of Eid comes, it increases our love and we pray that this day will continue to bring us happiness. Eid Mubarak to you and your family.

The secret of any family’s well-being lies in its happiness and the strength of its relationships. May God make us love each other and keep us united forever. Happy Eid Mubarak!

eid mubarak family images

Happy Eid to all of you dear ones from me and may this Eid like the last Eid spread blessings and happiness in our lives and bring satisfaction to our hearts.

These beautiful moments in life bring us happiness and it is a prayer to continue to do so. All Muslim brothers are like a family and we should celebrate Eid with them and share happiness.

Being with you on the day of Eid is no less than a great blessing for me because family is the only refuge where the man gets the most love.

eid mubarak photo

I pray to God Almighty to give our family a lot of happiness on the occasion of this Eid and keep us united forever and develop the love between us.

Celebrating Eid with my family and receiving Eidi from my elders and giving Eidi to younger ones are a source of happiness.

Sweet vermicelli and delicious dishes made by mother’s hand are very pleasing to eat on the day of Eid and this joy is heightened as soon as Eidi is received from the father.

eid mubarak banner

Celebrating the sweet Eid with your sweet family fills life with sweetness and makes our every moment colorful because Eid is a happy day.

I am proud that I am celebrating this Eid with my family and I am very happy to be with them because it is no less than a blessing to be with them on the occasion of this happy Eid.

The day of Eid fills our lives with happy colors and gives our family a chance to have a great moment and it doubles the celebration enthusiasm.

eid mubarak family

Happy Eid to all my family members Abu, Ami, brother, and sister, and may God increase happiness and always give us such exciting moments again and again in our life.

Eid Mubarak is a gift from God to our family and all Muslims and it is a pleasure for me to enjoy it with my family to bring extra happiness to our lives.

You are all like a beautiful flower whose fragrance perfumes the whole family and on this happy day of Eid our house is in full bloom and I pray that it will always be the same.

Eid Mubarak Quotes And Prayers For Everyone

Eid brings with it different joys and prosperity and calves people together and promotes feelings of love by eliminating enmity between them.

Praying on the day of Eid and embracing your friends and relatives is a wonderful moment that fills hearts with love and bridges the gaps.

The day of Eid brings peace of mind and happiness to the heart. May Allah make this day joyful for everyone and scatter a smile on the face of the poor.

Arranging clothes for the poor to distribute them the happiness of eid is a great deed. May everybody spend this eid with full of happiness and love.

eid mubarak image

Like the month of Ramadan, everyone waits for this blessed day to unite themselves again. May this Eid eliminate the distance and hate from our hearts.

Congratulations to the Muslim brothers on the gift of Eid from God and may the blessings of God always falls on us. Celebrate this blessed day with joy as a gift from God.

May Allah unite those who are not with their families on this Eid and increase their happiness. May everyone have the privilege of celebrating Eid with their loved ones.

Eid is a festival that removes sorrows from people’s lives, puts smiles on their faces, and gives them a chance to spend peaceful moments.

eid mubarak images

Performing Eid prayers on the day of Eid and then hugging each other and smiling everywhere after that adds to the joy of the day and makes every moment beautiful.

Allah Almighty has blessed us with happiness every year and Eid was made to bring happiness to the faces of the poor and needy and is a reward for those who fast.

eid mubarak png

The three blessed days of Eid come to make every moment of our lives memorable and pleasant and on these days we awaken love by meeting with our loved ones.

Eid is a day of prosperity for all, rich and poor alike, and every person benefits from the blessings of this day. Eid Mubarak to all.

Eid is a great opportunity to build a strong bond of love and relationship with each other. On the day of Eid, put an end to enmity and hatred of hearts and fill each other hearts with love.

happy eid mubarak

Preparing for Eid from the first day of fasting to the new moon night and then celebrating this day with great enthusiasm is a pleasure for the whole world of Islam.

Eid is a happy day to meet your calves and promote love, and eliminate hate from hearts. Eid is the only occasion that fulfills the desires of the hearts.

Forgetting all the sorrows and pains of the world and putting them aside, Eid is a day to live happily ever after and a day to enjoy your life.

Happy Eid Mubarak Wishes For Sister

happy eid mubarak sister

My sister, you are a blessing from Allah to me and your presence with me doubles the joy of my Eid and I pray that you will always be with me.

Every Eid of happiness has become our destiny and we, brothers and sisters, have always been laughing, playing, smiling, and sharing the love.

You are the shining star of our destiny which is connected to our every feeling. I pray that every Eid will give you every joy of life.

eid mubarak sister images

Your sweet smile spreads joy in our hearts and happy Eid day from all of us. You have brought God’s mercy into our home.

The bond of feelings and love between siblings is very strong and this bond of the relationship becomes stronger on the day of Eid.

God has given us two gifts, one is the gift of Eid and the other is you, my dear, And happy Eid to you from me. Eid Mubarak dear sister

eid mubarak quotes

May the joy of Eid bring the season of happiness into your life and may this day of Eid be full of laughter and smiles.

You are my secret who has been with me every hour till today and has been my companion of joy and sorrow. I pray that every happy Eid always brings more happiness in this life.

It is a pleasure for me to spend this joy of Eid with you and it is no less than a great blessing and I truly appreciate this blessing from the heart.

eid mubarak wishes msg

Your smile makes the whole house rejoice and these joys of Eid are doubled by your beautiful performances. Your laughter sweetens the joy of Eid.

Happy Eid to my fairy sister without whom I would always be incomplete and lonely and thank you for being in my life.

Your kindness and cheerfulness and your advice are all an important part of my life and it is a source of joy for me to spend the joyful Eid with.

eid mubarak dear sis

I am lucky to have a sister like you and I pray that God will give such a sister to everyone and to spend these Eid joys with them.

The beautiful bond of siblings is bound by a strong string which no one can break and this string becomes stronger in the joys of every Eid and the feelings of love grow.

My sister, celebrating and enjoying this God-given gift of Eid with you brings joy to my heart and fills my life with a beautiful sense of happiness.

Eid Mubarak Wishes For Mother/Father

eid mubarak dear parents

The joys of my Eid are doubled with Mother, the greatest being in the universe, and I love to eat the sweet vermicelli made by her hands.

If you want to bring happy moments in your life forever, spend your life with your mother as much as you can.

The mother is the great being of this world who always prays for the happiness of her childrens. So spend this Eid with your mother.

eid mubarak mother image

My dear mother, I pray to Allah to bring immense happiness in your life today and fill your swing with happiness and peace.

My dear mother, after praying Eid prayers, I like to eat sweets made by your hands and also take Eid from you. Happy Eid Mubarak!

My dear mother, your sympathy, your smile, and your love are everything to me and make my every Eid wonderful.

The great Eid has come and brought its happiness because it is the Eid of Sacrifice and my mother you have always sacrificed for me too. Eid ul Adha Mubarak!

My dear Mama my Eid is incomplete without you because your love is the greatest joy for me on Eid. I wish you a beautiful Eid with a happy smile.

You are a great blessing from Allah Almighty for me for which I am thousand times thankful. And along with this blessing, the day of Eid is also a great gift to us.

My dear parents, I pray that the joys of Eid will fill your life with sweetness and give you a chance to live in peace and make your every moment happy.

Dear Father, I pray that these sweet and beautiful joys of Eid be your destiny and live a happy life like this forever.

Your compassion, love, and kindness are no less than an Eid for me, and I pray to Allah to write happiness in your destiny and you will always be healthy and strong. Eid Mubarak Abu!

Preparing for Eid with you and then praying together then taking Eid with you and eating delicious dishes together is a source of great happiness for me.

I pray that you live a long, healthy and energetic, and happy life and every Eid of life fills your feet with happiness and always puts a smile on your face.

My life is like a spring where beautiful flowers bloom everywhere and this happy day of Eid has added to my happiness because you are with me.

Every morning and every evening of my life is colorful with you being with me and today Eid has brought happiness to us and I hope it will always bring happiness like this.

Your words of advice and love and compassion are a great gift to us and will last forever. May God Almighty keep you both happy and smiling with each other always.

If a person wants to increase the happiness of his Eid day, he should spend most of time with his father, because the happiness he gets by spending time with his father is not found anywhere.

May Allah Almighty keep the shadow of my father on my head forever and grant you many happiness and make your Eid the most happy.

My dear father you have always protected me and today I ask Allah Almighty to bring happiness in your life and make today a very beautiful day.

May Allah Almighty keep the shadow of my father on my head forever and may Allah Almighty grant you much happiness and make your Eid the happiest.

If a person wants to increase the happiness of his Eid day the most, he should spend the most time with his father on that day because the happiness he gets by spending time with his father is not found anywhere.

Happy Eid Mubarak Wishes For Girlfriend

eid mubarak gf image

These beautiful joys of Eid increase our love and foster feelings of love for each other. I wish you a lovely Eid and this love will continue to grow with each Eid.

Every day of our life is full of love but today is a special day. May this Eid further cultivate love between us.

It makes me happy to start the day of Eid with your beautiful smile and I like to spend moments laughing and playing with you.

You are a gift from God to me and I always rejoice for this gift and on the day of Eid these joys are doubled. Eid Mubarak to my love.

I want to spend every moment of my life with you and to spend these beautiful moments of Eid with you gives me the pleasure of heart.

Meeting you on the joy of Eid and hugging you and talking to you for hours are the most beautiful feelings of life and I am thankful to God for these beautiful feelings.

You are a mirror of my personality to me and I pray that God will unite us soon and give us a chance to celebrate these joys of Eid together.

My life has taken a beautiful turn since you met me and your meeting is welcome for me. I pray to God to spend every Eid with you.

No one but me knows how much love I have for you in my heart and this day of Eid makes me feel this love even more.

Eid is a season of joy that has come to rejuvenate our lives and develop a sense of love in our hearts to feel pleasure ever.

Your beautiful and gorgeous face makes the day of Eid even more beautiful and the joys of this day increase by your meeting with me.

On this beautiful day of Eid, seeing you in colorful and beautiful wearings and hearing your beloved voice makes Eid wonderful.

eid mubarak sweet gf images

Every day of mine is like Eid the day I meet you but this day is something special. And this Eid day becomes more pleasant by the radiance of your beautiful face.

It makes me so happy to start the day of Eid with you my love and to spend pleasurable moments of Eid. I love to exchange gifts of Eid with you, honey.

You have taught me what love is and have always given me all the joys and celebrating this Eid with you today makes our love double.

Eid Mubarak Wishes For Boyfriend

Happy Eid from me to the most beautiful guy in the world and all my prayers on this day with you. My love will last for you.

Eid Mubarak! You are a gift from God to me and this gift is very precious in my heart. Your presence with me brings me together that God has completed all His blessings on me.

Happy Eid from me to the dear man who always cares for me and fulfills my every wish and loves me and I pray that God will continue to give such happiness.

The joys of the sweet Eid are doubled by your visit. When I see you, my eyes find peace, and my heart flutters.

The beauty of this moon-like face illuminates me every day and every visit of yours is like the fragrance of flowers spread everywhere. Happy Eid Mubarak!

eid mubarak bf images

May the joys of our life remain the same with the joys of Eid and increase with time and may we be destined for each other.

The plant of love is growing in the heart of both of us and the day of Eid is for irrigating it. This beautiful day is a day to grow our love.

I am proud that a person like you is my boyfriend and you are different from everyone else because your qualities make you different from others. Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak! The only wish in my life is that we both be united in a beautiful marriage relationship and become one another forever so that our love will come to an end.

You have made my life a model of paradise and have nurtured every moment in the cords of your beautiful memories. This morning of shining Eid may bring prosperity to your life.

Happy Eid to you my lovely and beautiful boyfriend and this beautiful smile on your face entertain me and I want this smile to last forever.

You taught me to live and that life is nothing without love and if there is love then every day of life is like Eid.

eid mubarak messages for boyfriend

Can you count stars? if you can’t count then my love is like the stars in the sky that can never be counted. Happy Eid Mubarak!

I pray that this Eid will be the most beautiful Eid of our lives and bring us happiness, prosperity, and blessings and bring light into our lives.

Eid Mubarak Wishes For Husband

eid mubarak husband images

I am lucky to have a beautiful and loving husband like you. My happiness on the day of Eid is doubled because today I will celebrate it with you in a good way.

I am thankful to Allah Almighty that He sent a special person in my life and made this beautiful person for me and wrote in my destiny either today is the day of thanksgiving to Allah Almighty.

When I fell in love with you, I prayed to Allah that you be written in my destiny and Allah accepted my prayer and showered His blessings on me. Eid Mubarak!

It was a beautiful feeling for us to fast together in Ramadan Mubarak and to get up at Sehri And break the fast at Iftar and we got the reward today on this happy day of Eid.

I have never seen a beautiful-hearted person like you in my life who is working day and night to improve our lives. Congratulations to you the sweet joys of Eid.

Your presence with me makes every moment of my life special and adds color to our happiness as this Eid day has brought love and affection for us.

Despite years of being with you, I think we are still fresh today and it will always be fresh and this love will continue to grow with each Eid.

Happy Eid from me to the most beautiful man of my life whose deeds and mischief amuse my heart and may these joys always be the same every day.

happy eid mubarak husband images quotes

Sometimes I can’t believe that such a beautiful and high moral person is my husband who always takes care of me. You are the light of my eyes which has always given me sight.

This Eid has become a blessing from God and has come to spread happiness in our lives. Eid is a day to celebrate my good fortune because you are my husband.

I always prayed to God Almighty to give me a sincere, believer, and good healing husband, and the dream came true in your case. You are to be a shining sun that illuminates my life.

So my every day is dedicated to your true love, but there is something special on Eid day. On this day, all the desires of love take hold in my heart. Eid Mubarak!

I pray that every Ramadan and every Eid will pass with you in a happy way forever and no sorrow will come to us.

Eid Mubarak Wishes For Wife

This holiday of Eid is a gift from Allah Almighty to all of us and I wish to celebrate it with my beautiful wife. Eid Mubarak my love!

eid mubarak images wife

I am happy that Allah Almighty has given me a beautiful wife who is a very noble woman and I wish you a very Happy Eid.

My dear wife, I pray to God to remove all sorrows from our lives and turn them into happiness and make our future better and make our festivals more beautiful.

Celebrating with you on the day of Eid and enjoying its joys is no less a blessing for me and for that I am thankful to God.

My dear wife, I pray to Allah Almighty to fulfill the desires of your hearts and accept every prayer and fill this joy of Eid in your heart.

As soon as I hear your name my heart beats faster and this heart starts beating in your love. I am always lost in your memories and I want to start this Eid with your beautiful laughter.

eid mubarak quotes for wife

I wish you all happiness on this beautiful Eid and live a healthy and smiling life with laughter. Eid Mubarak!

May we all rejoice this holy festival and Allah guide us all to the straight path and keep the love between us intact.

Today is the last day of fasting, so I wish you a happy Eid in advance. It will be a great blessing for me to spend this beautiful night and happy Eid with you tomorrow.

Sweet Eid has brought sweet happiness in our lives and in the same way our little sweet smiles of our children have added to the joys of Eid.

Love has no boundaries and my love is beyond all. Allah Almighty helped me to find a good and beautiful companion and joined me with you.

As Eid approaches my joy is increasing because on the day of Eid I will be with you to express my love and to enjoy this happy Eid.

Even if God gives me a thousand years, I will still love you because you are my everything that made me a better person.

eid mubarak wife quotes

With the beginning of the moon of Eid, I pray to God Almighty for my bright future and to write a lot of happiness in your destiny.

Every Eid with you is very happy like all my previous Eids. May Allah keep our relationship strong like a diamond. Happy Eid Yo You!

It is very difficult to find the best life partner but I have found the best partner. You are a blessing for whom I will always be thankful to God.

Eid is not a happy day for me unless I see a person close to my heart. So if you’re being with me you make my Eid full of joy and laughter.

If you have a beautiful partner in life, there can be nothing more amazing than spending a beautiful day with a beautiful partner like you. Happy Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak Wishes For Friend

The happiest day for a person after fasting Ramadan is the day of Eid. It is a very beautiful gift from God to human beings (Muslims). Eid Mubarak!

eid mubarak friend

May Allah Almighty grant you many joys on this Eid day and grant you peace and tranquility in your life. Eid Mubarak Friend!

My dear friend, I pray to God to open the door of happiness in your life and make today the best day of your life.

May there be a lot of happiness in your life and a lot of happiness in your home from this Eid day. May Allah Almighty make your life happy.

eid mubarak friends images

May Allah makes you a good servant and accepts all your prayers and I hope this Eid is going to be a great Eid for you.

I hope you have a very good time with your family today. A friend like you is very important in our lives. Happy Eid to you!

eid mubarak images

The most important thing we should learn on the occasion of this Eid is that we have to refresh the memory of the sacrifice of Hazrat Abraham.

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