Happy 21st Birthday Means The Person Whom happy Birthday is, crossed The one score and a year. And Now he or she is 21 years old. So if somebody has crossed the age of 21 and has a happy birthday. This website will provide you 21st Happy birthday wishes and quotes which will help you to wish them. Today we will share happy birthday wishes for daughter. This is the time to enjoy your life and 21 is the best age to enjoy life. To share your love with your daughter happy birthday wishes are the best source to bring happiness on their happy birthday. So Check below some happy birthday wishes.

Happy Birthday To My Beautiful Daughter Quotes

Happy 21st Birthday For Son

Happy birthday dear! Now you are 21 years old and I spent the most beautiful days of your life with you. To celebrate this super day with enjoy fully and happiness. I hope this day will make your life Haven. 

Today is your birthday and I want to tell you that you are the dearest to me in the world and everything you say to me is mine. On this happy day, I pray that you always keep on laughing and smiling like this, no sorrow will come. Happy Birthday!

My Dear Daughter! I never thought that one day you will become a brave and wise man. Now you are young and you have the ability to decide your matters easily. So this is your birthday and I wish my brave daughter this happy birthday with a deep heart.

Happy Birthday, Honey! I spent 21 years with you and now you are like a stand for me. I am very happy to see you as a brave and beautiful man. May this happy day come again and again in your life and make your life happy.

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Happy 21st Birthday For Daughter

Dear Honey! You are one of the most important people to me in this world.  This is your 21st happy birthday and I hope you are enjoying it. All-day I remember old days spent with you and I miss those days.

Happy Birthday! I love to start every morning with your smile and every night with your laughter and sweet mischief. Yours sincerely, and your sweet words always entertain my heart. Today is a happy day for me to see, so today I am very happy and I want you to be happy every day like this.

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes for Daughter From Parents

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes For Son

My dear daughter, you are the dearest to me in the world and I will love you forever. Every little thing of yours is dearer to me than my life. I always pray to God that you will always be happy and live a calm life. No harm will come to you and God keep you laughing forever. Happy Birthday!

My Lovely Daughter. Now you are 21 years old and this is your birthday. I am so happy to have such a lovely Dolly gifted by God to me. And I am always thankful to send you to my home. Your happy birthday filled happiness in my life and I am so happy today.

My daughter, since you came to my house, you have brought happiness and peace to my house. Because you came, God’s blessings descend on my house. With me, no one dares to hurt you in the slightest. As long as your father is alive, I will never let anyone touch you and no one will be able to hurt you. Happy Birthday!

My Dear! and now you are 21 years and your future starts from here. So the key to success is in your hands and open your successful feature with the key of Intelligence. My prayers for your best features are with you and I am always with you every step of life.

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes For Daughter

Happy Birthday! you filled every of my day with the sweetness of your smile. When you were a little child I played the whole day with you and I think that those days were the most precious days of my life spent with you.

Happy Birthday! My daughter, you are the light of my eyes and the peace of my heart. Whenever I used to come home tired, you would take away all my tiredness. Those naughty smiles will never forget me. I still remember holding your little hands and teaching you to walk.

Happy Birthday Honey! Like the previous year and this is another happy day for you. Now you are converted into a young girl but you are still like a child for me. My love and kindness will always be with you. Your smile is very dear to me than all other things of the world.

Your every mischief, your every whim, I obey your every word, your every beautiful style, I miss everyone. Today you are young and have become a wise girl but you are still the same little girl to me so which I was lovingly carrying on my chest. Happy Birthday!

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