If your 25th wedding anniversary is approaching and you want to wish your partner in such a way that he becomes mad at you and your love grows in his heart more than ever. So here we have given a lot of Wedding anniversary wishes, prayers, quotes, greetings and messages which you will like very much.

A person’s life is not complete until a good life partner comes into his life. So to complete his life, it is very important to have a good partner in his life.  Marriage is a very special thing, it is the most important step for each other. it helps people to love each other, as well as to tell you that life is incomplete without a life partner.

Reaching the age of 25 makes your life a model of heaven because your life partner is with you. The marriage anniversary is a very happy day in your life and on this day you will complete the journey of 25 years of your marriage with patience and with sacrifices and a lot of compromises. Of course, spending 25 years of your life with your partner is a source of happiness in which you live with your partner in every sorrow and happiness.

Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes To Mom And Dad

Amazing 25th Marriage Anniversary

You have completed the journey of 25 years of your life with great love and confidence and you will have many happy opportunities in the upcoming years. Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary!

After 25 years of marriage, your life journey is not over yet. I pray to God that you spend fifty years of your life and then spend 75 years of your life and then complete 100 years of your life in the same way. Happy 25 Years Of Marriage!

25th anniversary wishes

Happy Anniversary! You have completed 25 years of your marriage life today. May God grant you happiness in your life.  May you have many successes and such happy days come continuously in your life.

I pray for your prosperity and success in your life and I wish you 25 years of your marriage. I pray to God that you will spend the rest of your life in the same way with love and affection. Happy 25 Years Of Love!

happy 25th anniversary images

Congrats Anniversary! It is very nice to be your partner for a long period of 25 years. So congrats and I pray to God that you continue to get happiness in life and you stay connected with love and affection to each other.

May this day be a source of great happiness for you and brings peace and tranquility to your heart. May it bring you much happiness in your future life as well. Happy Marriage Anniversary!

Happy 25th Anniversary Mama Papa

Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary Quotes

It is wonderful to think and do it. You first fell in love with her and kept her with you and thought that she would live with you for the rest of her life. Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary!

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The event that takes time to like and love someone forever should be better than to be thankful that you are together and wish you a happy 25th wedding anniversary!

happy 25th anniversary image

Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary! You have been helping and caring for your spouse for 25 consecutive years since your marriage. May God’s love grows in your heart for her and in her heart for you.

Even after 25 years of marriage, we have never seen such an amazing couple in our lives. Your love is perfect and will last a lifetime. Congrats Anniversary!

happy anniversary mom and dad

Happy Anniversary! There are ups and downs in a person’s life and his life becomes very difficult. It is very difficult for a person to hold the hand of his spouse in such a situation but you proved yourself a true life partner.

Those people who have a loving relationship and their feelings value each other’s lives and can help them in the coming difficulties can make such a good journey.  Let’s stand together. Congratulations on your 25 years of marriage!

Happy 25th Anniversary Wishes For Parents

happy 25th wedding anniversary mom and dad quotes

I wish you a happy 25th anniversary of your marriage. Hope we will continue to love and care for each other in the same way. I thank God that He has always increased the love between us. Happy Anniversary!

Congratulations on your 25 years of marriage and I pray to God to grant you a happy and wonderful life for a hundred years. Congrats Happy Anniversary!

sweet anniversary wishes

Happy Anniversary! I wish you a happy 25th anniversary of your marriage. You have completed 25 years of your life with great joy and love. Love never fails in people’s future lives.

Today marks the 25th anniversary of our marriage and we have spent these 25 springs together happily. You are a gift from God to me who has always filled my heart with peace and joy and never let me be sad. Happy Anniversary!

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