Do you love puppies and if you have a puppy you want to celebrate your puppy Happy Birthday then this article is specially written for you. If you are an animal lover and you have any type of animal and you want to celebrate your animal happy birthday, you are landed at the right place. This article is especially for Dog lovers who want to celebrate their happy birthday. Some people raise a dog for their home security and some raise the dogs. because they love dogs. In this article, I am going to share some dog happy birthday wishes. 

Happy Birthday Wishes Dog Lovers

Happy Birthday Dog Wishes

Dear Dog! Whenever I feel alone you help me to cheer up. You had always taken care of my homes and saved my home from Thieves. Now, this is your day and I wish you a happy birthday.

I like your mischief very much and I loved it when you played with me. When I came home, you lick me my feet and relieve all my fatigue. I know you can’t speak but whenever I was upset I was sad you would come to me and comfort me. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday! I always loved your joking and your jumping.  Whenever I entered the home you ran to my feet and started licking it. You always showed me your love which I can’t forget.

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Happy birthday! You are one of the cute puppies for me. You always spread a smile on my face by jumping and climbing. I always love to wash you and play with you. Though you are an animal you have all the feelings.

Lovely Puppy, today is a happy day for both of us and I hope that this day will come again and again every year and will continue to give us happiness. On this happy occasion, I have prepared your favorite food for you and I hope you will like that food. Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday Dog Quotes

I know you are a speechless animal and you also can’t understand what I am saying. But my all lovely feelings are with you. I love to take care of you. Happy Birthday!

I always put you in whatever condition you are happy and you never complained that is what sets you apart from others. You are a faithful animal and never be unfaithful to your master. You always took care of my house and did not allow anyone to enter my house in my absence. Happy Birthday!

Puppy Happy Birthday

My Dear Pappy! You always take care of my home without any wages. This is the Goodness which shows your loyalty. Love their pets but I am the only one who loves you more than others. So I wish you a happy birthday and I hope that you will have a long time with me.

No one knows how much we both love each other and we both want each other. You are a dumb animal but everyone has a heart and you have one. We both feel each other’s feelings. This love between the two of us will always remain and will never diminish. Happy birthday!

The most goodness I like in you is your smile every time. You never complain in any case. And You always bear the effects of the season and never complain. You are very lovely to me and I do not want to lose you.

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You are a brave and outstanding dog and you always take care of me. if anyone hurts me you bark at them and you show them that you are angry with them. Dekh can’t understand how happy we are on this amazing day.

This is another happy day in my life which is your birthday and I think it is the most amazing day to remember your loyalty and the time passed with you. You bark at other people but you never bark at me. 

Happy Birthday, Tommy! This is your happy birthday and I am planning to go out for a walk with you. You will scare the other animals with your bark and we will have fun and enjoyment with you.

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Today I am very happy and I want to snap your pictures on this happy day. You know I like to do it and I also have a lover of your pics on my mobile. Your pictures will be our memory whenever you will pass away from this world so I will remember you.

Whenever anyone tried to enter my house without permission, you barked at him and took care of my house. You have never complained of hunger and thirst and have always been with me whether it is cold or hot. Happy Birthday!

Today reminds me of the whole year in which you always kept me happy and I continued to enjoy myself with your mischief. Yes, your innocent deeds were very sweet and today is the day to celebrate all these virtues of yours. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Today I am celebrating this happy day because when you met me you were younger than before and at that time you looked very sweet. I still remember that time from your childhood till you grew up.

We are hopeful that you like these wishes so share this with your family members and friends who have a dog. Trust me they also like these wishes and bookmark for the specific day.