Your son’s happy birthday is coming and you are worried about how you celebrate his happy birthday? Don’t worry because here we will provide you all of the happy birthday wishes which will help to make his birthday more amazing. Every parent loves their children. Either daughter or son both dear to their parents. So here are some lovely wishes for their happy birthday.
Sons are the blessing of God and you should be proud of your sons. So happy birthday is a way to share your love with your son. To celebrate his birthday in such a way that he feels proud of you. And he should realize that you are everything to him. So here are a lot of happy birthday wishes to your dear and lovely son. We hope these wishes will help you to celebrate HBD in a joyful way.

Happy Birthday Wishes to Son from Father and Mother

birthday wishes for son from father

HBD My Dear! This is your happy birthday and I am so happy on this amazing day. I wish you this happy birthday from deep of my heart and I hope that this day will bring more enjoyment and excitement to your life. May you live a long life and God keeps you healthy forever.

On this happy day, I pray that God will give you a chance to live a healthy and happy life and that no sorrow will come to you. You will always be close to your father whenever you need me. Happy Birthday!

My lovely son you are everything for me. I am a lucky person who has such a cute and lovely son. Happy Birthday My Dear!

birthday wishes for son from mom images

HBD My Lovely Boy! I hope this birthday will bring enjoy in your life. You are everything for me. I am nothing without you. My happy wishes are with you.

Happy Birthday honey ! You are my complete life. I am so happy on your this birthday and I hope you enjoy your whole day and your complete life.

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Sons are the blessing of God and you are one of them. I wish you on this great day. Your please is my pleasure. Happy Birthday Honey!

Happy Birthday Son Wishes

Love From Dad. I love you alot my son and you will always find me with you. You are everything for me. I wish you this happy day.

My dear son, if you hope for my life, your innocent smile spreads color in my life. On this day of happiness, I pray that you will always be with me, then success and happiness will be your destiny and you will have a peaceful life. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Son Quotes | Best Wishes For Son

happy birthday son from mom

My dear you are my life. You are everything for me. Hope you enjoy this amazing day. Enjoy your birthday my dear.

Happy Birthday Son! You brought up my every day with light. I always feel happy with you. My all wishes are with you.

HBD! My dear son, you are my bright moon, you are the hope of my house. Your arrival has doubled the happiness in my house. It was the most beautiful day of my life when you were born. You are my arm and I have high hopes for your future to be bright.

My lovely son you made my everyday amazing and joyful. I am feeling excited on your happy birthday. My all prayers are with you.

happy birthday son from mom and dad

Dear! I wish you from my heart and my prayers are with you. I hope everyday will bring success in your life and light up my name.

My heart is fulfilled with your love. You are the most important person for me in my life. Life is happy with you. I wish you this happy birthday.

Happy days have come into our lives once again and it will continue to come as usual. My dear son, your little smile always touched my heart. I like your talking to me for a long time and asking funny questions. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Son Wishes Quotes

happy birthday son quotes

No one knows how much I love you, my cute son. You are a real blessing of God for me. My all prayers are with you to be successful in every field of life. Happy birthday!

Everyone has a dream and my dream is you. You are not less than a miracle. I am really a lucky person who had such a great son. Happy Birthday Honey!

Dear Son! I am thankful to God to bring such a happy day in my life. When you were born it was a really lucky day for me. I hope on this day you will enjoy your happy moments of life.

HBD Dear ! You are like a friend to me. I always felt proud of having you honey. I hope your happy birthday will bring a smile on your face.

My dear son you have always been a best friend to me and we have always stood by each other in every difficult hour. May God strengthen the feelings of sincerity and love between us on this happy occasion. So celebrate your birthday with great joy and a feeling of love and on the occasion of this good day, we all pray for you to live a long life with us. Happy Birthday!

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