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Happy Birthday Son | Creative Birthday Wishes For Son

Birthday is a day that everyone recognizes, it’s special for both the celebrant and the family. It is expected that the parents of the male child celebrating birthday tell him, “happy birthday son,” so he can feel cherished and loved. It’s the duty of the family to make sure that the birthday of everyone is special. Special doesn’t mean costly or extravagant, just do something that will make the individual feel very good just for that single day. Sending a birthday message/wish to your son is one of the best ways to make him feel special. Even sending a message as simple as a “happy birthday son” is enough to make his day.

Happy Birthday Son | Birthday Wishes For Son From Mom

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Having a son has always been my dream, but what I didn’t expect is that I will have a son that is as extraordinary as you are. You are truly a miracle from the highest heavens. Keep growing in wisdom and happiness. I love you, my boy. Happy birthday dear son.

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As a parent I will tell you the truth, it’s not been easy raising you but I won’t trade the experience for anything in the world. I am happy to be called your parent. You are a good child. Happy birthday my dear son.

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I remembered when you were born, I was scared to even hold you because you were so tiny. But look at you now, all grown up and handsome. You have truly made us your parents proud. Remain, happy son. Happy birthday my boy.

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What gladness my heart is the fact that you turned out to be a better human being, even better than us your parents. I want you to never cease doing the right things. You will continue to move from light to light, no darkness will ever dim your life. Happy birthday buddy.

Happy Birthday Son from mom

Son, I want you to know that there is nothing that will ever make me stop loving you. You are the most precious and special person in my life. For you, I can do anything humanly possible. Happy birthday my wonder kid. We love you.

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Happy Birthday Son from mom

All the moments I spent with you are the best moments of my life. I am not saying they are all happy memories but they were all very special to me. You, my dear, have brought so much joy in my life that it feels like I’ve not known any sorrow. Have yourself a birthday blast. Happy birthday my beautiful and kind boy.

Happy Birthday Son From Dad

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I’ll admit, I’ve not been the easiest person to live with but every decision I’ve made is to make sure that you get to have a better and more beautiful life than I have. You mean everything and all things to me. I’m honored to be called your parent. Have a wonderful and happy birthday day buddy. Enjoy your day my dear.

Happy Birthday Son From Dad

Just as the sun comes out every day, that is how my love for you is — it never fails. I will forever be there for you no matter the circumstances or situation. You are always on top of my priority. I wish you all the great and awesome things in life. Happy birthday my boy.

Happy Birthday My Dear Son

I want you to always live your life to the fullest, don’t hold back. Don’t be afraid of people judging you because they will always say what they want. All I want is for you to be yourself and be happy. I love you son. Happy birthday my son.

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