UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) has announced 5th October to be the World Teachers’ Day in 1994.

Teachers Impacts in our Life

No matter where ever you live your kind teachers are always live in your heart and mind. A teacher is such a wonderful, humbled, honorable and lovely person whom you never can forget in your life. I believe like me you must remember the names and faces of your teachers from primary level to the university level. When ever you recall any subject the name and face of the teacher comes in your sweet memories and you feel proud yourself that you have such beautiful and talented teachers in your career.

The good teachers are the gift of nature for students, who work hard on their students, pay special attention and spent extra time that their students learn and take away every thing from them.

All the successful persons in the world owe to their teachers and parents. they spent whole their lives to make them successful and complete member of the society. They always feel their teachers love and affection, character , honesty, humanity, competence, and moral commitment.

The color blue has the special meaning for the teachers and a light blue represents in higher education.

Teachers’ Day Best Gift

Although our teachers don’t need any thing from us expect the respect we have in our hearts. Any how a small piece of present may have smile on their face. Like Books, most of the teachers enjoy reading a lot, Chocolates Everyone love chocolates and teachers definitely will enjoy, Watch is the need of everyone, Diary, Pen, Greeting Cards, Coffee Mug, Scenery of Nature, A group photo of your class in a frame

Best Teachers Day Quotes

Students celebrate this occasion by performing songs and take part in different plays, the main theme of these performances are to acknowledge their love and their contribution. Students present greeting cards to their favorite teachers.

Happy Teacher’s Day to my favorite teacher! Wishing you good health, happiness, love and respect you deserve the most. you are honest man and an amazing teacher, you deserve all the best. The best teachers teaches from the heart, not from the books.

World Teachers’ Day is now celebrated in more than 100 countries. but the following countries are the different teachers Day

Happy Teachers Day Countries Calendar
Albania7 March
Algeria28 February
Argentina11 September
AustraliaLast Friday of October
BelarusFirst Sunday of October
Bhutan2 May
Bolivia6 June
Brazil15 October
Brunei23 September
Bulgaria24 May
Chili16 October
China10 September
Colombia15 May
Costa Rica22 December
Cuba22 December
Czech Republic28 March
Dominican Republic30 June
Ecuador13 April
Egypt28 February
El Salvador22 June
Greece30 January
Guatemala25 June
Honduras17 September
Hong Kong10 September
HungaryFirst Sunday of June
India5 September and Full Moon day of Aashaadha (June-July)
Indonesia25 November
Iran2 May
Iraq1 March
Israel23 Kislev
Jamaica6 May
Jordan28 February
KazakhstanFirst Sunday of October
Kosovo7 March
Laos7 October
LatviaFirst Sunday of October
Lebanon9 March
Libya28 February
Malaysia16 May
Mexico15 May
Morocco28 February
NepalFull Moon day of Aashaadha (June-July)
New Zealand29 October
Oman24 February
Palestine14 December
Panama1 December
Paraguay30 April
Peru6 July
Poland14 October
Puerto Rico20 May
Singapore1 September
Slovakia28 March
Somalia21 November
South Korea15 May
South Sudan1 December
Spain27 November
SyriaThird Thursday of March
Taiwan28 September
Thailand16 January
Tunisia28 February
Turkey24 November
UkraineFirst Sunday of October
United StatesFirst Full Week of May
Uruguay22 September
Uzbekistan1 October
Venezuela15 January
Vietnam20 November
Yemen28 February