History of Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving day was celebrated by individuals, colonies, and states for more than two centuries. It is a celebration of the autumn harvesting season by a group of colonies and individuals. The first time it was celebrated was in 1621 When the Mayflower pilgrims who founded the Plymouth colony in Massachusetts sat down for three days meal with the Wampanoag.

Thanksgiving in the USA

First time in the USA president George Washington announced a day of thanksgiving and prayers for the public on Thursday, November 26, 1789. Beginning in 1863 President Abraham Lincoln encouraged the Americans to recognize the last Thursday of November as a day of thanksgiving.

The tradition of Thanksgiving & Best Ways to say Thankyou

Thanksgiving day

The most important tradition of thanksgiving is a big meal with friends and families.

Thank you to those who hate me

because they made me


Thanks to the people who love me because

they made my heart BIGGER

Thanks of the people who worried about

me and told me that they actually cared about me

Thanks of the people who squeezed me in and made me

realize that not everything in the world is FINAL

Thanks of the people who came into my

life and were no as I had IMAGINED

Thanks to Allah, who gave courage to face all SITUATIONS

Thanks to those who left me

They taught me that no relationship


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Even after being separated from her,

I have seen nothing but love growing

Thanks for your love

O mean, thanks to you

you have united the human beings

Bitter but true words

Thanks for forgetting me

How your memory has been disguised in my poems and songs,

This is the beauty of your memory, thank you for remembering me.

To stumble so much

Thank you, O life

Not walking,

The skill to cope has come.

Less complaining and more gratitude

makes life easier

Learn to Appreciate

Life is not Repeated

and not people

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