Saying goodnight is the best way to start each night and it will increase love and affection for each other. If someone loves you or you love someone and exchanging sweet goodnight quotes at night lets you feel pleasureful. Getting beautifully started every night is a very good practice and it helps to have a good and pleasant night.
If you love someone and want to say good night to them, I have come up with a lot of good night prayers for you guys, so I hope you enjoy all of these quotes. We have brought the quotes for all your loved ones in order. So first, we will share goodnight quotes for a girlfriend or wife.

Good Night Sweet Dreams Messages | Best Wishes Ever

have a good night

Good Night My Lady! Sleeping with you is one of the most wonderful feelings​ for me.  I wished​ this night brings beautiful dreams for you.

Like every night this is another night which I am spending with you and I am the lucky person who has a good chance to be with you. Good Night Honey!

Good Night wishes

The One More Night means the one happy moment. It’s a great blessing to have such a nice and caring wife in my life. May we spend every night together happily and no sorrow touches us. Have A Sweet Night!

good night messages

I am a lucky person who prayed to be with us every night and my prayer has been answered and on these beautiful moments, you are with me. Good Night!

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I love watching the stars with you at night and talking sweetly for a long time and I want these happy moments to come again and again in my life. Good Night!

good night sweet heart

This beautiful night full of joy and your presence with me is no less than a blessing for me and for this blessing I am thankful to God that He has given me such wonderful nights. Good Night!

Whether it is day or night, whether it is morning or evening, my heart always beats for you and I am always lost in your memories. In your love, my days and nights pass. Good Night!

Good Night Prayers For Lover | Bye Messages For Sweet Heart

good night prayer

I pray that you will spend this night in peace and no trouble will pass you by. May such happy and peaceful nights be yours. Good Night!

After all the tiredness of the day, now is the time to go to bed at night and sleep with the hope and certainty that you are getting up in the morning and doing your job, and moving towards your destination. Good Night!

good night prayers

May God bless you and keep you safe from all kinds of calamities and troubles. Give everything you have under God’s protection and sleep peacefully so that God will protect you. Good Night!

When you go to bed at night, it is a good idea to think about all your mistakes and accomplishments during the day and then correct your mistakes and celebrate your accomplishments. Good Night!

The gift of the night has been given to man by Allah Almighty so that he can get rid of all the fatigue of his day and start his day anew so that he can do everything in the best way. Good Night!

It is a great blessing for me to end a beautiful night with you and I am thankful that such nights and days are available for me with you. Good Night!

Excellent Lines For Saying “Have A Good Night”

good night my dear wishes

Today was a very pleasant day and we enjoyed the whole day. I hope you have a night full of sweetness and pleasure. Enjoy this pleasant night as this pleasant day. Have A Good Night!

A starry night is perfect for relaxing, so close your eyes and get lost in the deep valleys of sleep. May your night be peaceful and safe from any calamity. Have A Good Night!

have a good night prayer

Have A Good Night! Whether it is day or night my love is always with you and your being with me is a source of great joy for me. I pray that every day like this will bring new joy.

You are my companion in all my sorrows and joys who have been with me at every opportunity and have spent every day and night with me laughing and rejoicing. Have A Good Night!

have a good night messages

Have A Good Night! May every night bring blessings for you and may the rain of happiness fall from the sky on you. Blessed be this beautiful night gift from God made for the comfort of man.

Good Night! All movements have stopped and birds, animals, and all creatures are sleeping. It is time for all creatures to sleep and you have to go to sleep and enjoy this happy night.

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