Please remember once the trust broken and passed time will never come back in life. I am fine you can say this to anyone and you need special one to whom you share your worries. Your life is Jannah for you how long your parents are alive. We do not want to hate peoples but their habits make us very difficult to love them. Some time we want to give respect to the people but their behavior shows that they don’t need that. It does not matter how much wealth a man have but the matter is that he can not sell his pains and buy the relief with that wealth. The best thing is that you do the good deed to such person who can not pay back any thing in return. The words are break the silence and the words make you silent. The words are every thing please speak with care they won the heart and they tear the heart. Do good for any one in life is better that to say prayer on his grave.

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Most beautiful thing is that words break the silence and words make you silent.

Remember that broken trust and passed time never comes back in life

I am fine you can say anyone but to say that I am in trouble you need some special person.

The life is Jannah how long the parents are alive.

We don’t want to hate some people but due to their habits which make us difficult to love them.

We want give to respect some peoples but their attitude shows that they don’t need of it.

Always only those people are at peak who thinks about others before them self.

Don’t be disappoint, because the doors, which are closed on earth due to the conspiracy of the people, in reward the bigger doors are opened by the grace of God.

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If you do good deeds for some one in whole life but due to some reasons you don’t do only one time your whole life good deeds will go to well.

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How much a man can be rich but can not sell his pain and buy relief with his wealth.

The best deed is that which you do for a man who can not give you anything in return.

The poison available fake on the shops but real on the tongue.

To bring the easy ness in the life of a man is better than to say prayer on his grave.

Words are every thing please speak with care because they win the hearts and they tear the hearts.

Most wise and most foolish are same because they don’t listen anyone.

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