Love is a feeling that teaches a person to live and truly makes his life a paradise. So if you have a lover and want to share the cutest love status in English with them then you landed at the right place.

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Here are some amazing collections of real and true love status in English for your girlfriend or boyfriend. So these are short love statuses in English that describe your love within one line.

So let’s Discover this amazing best WhatsApp love status in English and share it with your lover to fill their heart with your love.

Love Status In English For Girlfriend

Best love wishes

I love you in every moment of my life and whenever I look at you my love grows more. You are very dear to me and I can do everything for you.

My love for you is so much that it can’t be measured. I only know that my heart is full of your love only. May God grow your love in my heart more and more.

I love you and my heart beats only for you. I can’t assure you that all our life problems will be over but I promise you I will always be with you.

I will never lose my love for you and the smile on my face for you will never end. You are to me like that beautiful ray of the morning that spreads color and happiness in life.

True love is that which you always cherish and I promise you that I will always be with you and will never leave you. Your love will never diminish in my heart no matter how many difficulties come.

I assure you that I love you more than myself and there is light in my life only because of you. You are a beautiful shining and fragrant flower of my life.

True love never fails if done from the heart. I pray that our true love succeeds in the case of marriage and we become each other’s companions and always support each other.

I fell in love with you when I first saw you and from that day till today in my heart the feelings of love for you grow day by day and I pray that this love will continue to grow.

love quotes

Every time you meet me my heart beats faster and every word of yours is precious to me. Your sweet and beautiful words touch my heart and give me so much courage and strength.

I have done the best thing in my life by giving my heart to you because you have protected my heart and given me so much love.

I love you purely because whenever I look at you my eyes never go out of your eyes and this is a sign of my love. 

My life begins with you and ends with you I have no life without you. I miss you every moment and I love spending time in your love.

Love Status In English For Boyfriend

love messages

You are the paradise of my life and I am ready to share with you all the joys and sorrows of my life and you are the splendor of my life.

When you are with me at night you guide me like the stars and during the day you become the light in my life and I love you so much that I cannot describe in words.

I love you as I have never loved anyone else nor will I ever love anyone. I just love you and I want to make you my life companion.

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I love you so much that if I were asked to choose between you and anything else in this world, I would in any case select only you.

Every time I am with you my heart is calm and my heartbeat is very relaxed and I love you so much and want to kiss you.

I never get bored listening to you nor do I remember any work when I am with you because I love you so much and want to name my life after you.

I am convinced that even if the light of the whole world were to come before me, my life would not be as bright as it is to stand with you.

You are my whole world and every moment of my life starts with you and ends with you and I want to kiss you and spend the time with you.

When you come in front of me my life blossoms and I hope the same will happen to you. You are my strength and the crown of my head.

I have prayed a lot to get you and God accepted my prayers and gave me a blessing. Now I am very happy to have you and I want to hug you and spend my time with you.

Ever since you came into my life I feel like I am the luckiest person in the world because you have filled my life with joy and smiles.

When I walk with you I feel like I am walking to heaven and I want every moment with you in the form of a good husband and it is the greatest need of my life.

Love SMS

The greatest wish of my life is to be the wife of the best man like you and to spend all my life with you. Every moment spent with you is worth something

Love Status In English For Husband

Love picutes

I have always wanted to make a person like you a companion in my life and I am happy that my dreams have come true and you are my husband.

A good husband is also a good blessing from Allah Almighty and Allah Almighty has blessed me with this great blessing.

I love you with all my heart and soul and my life is beautiful because you are with me. You have made my life advertise for that I am thankful to you.

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Every day in my life is full of many joys and it is possible only because of you. If you are with me I could pass my time swiftly with joy and happiness.

I promise you that we will face all the difficulties that come in our life together and I will give you lots of love every day and I will give you every happiness of life.

My dear husband, Allah Almighty has given me a blessing offer in your form and it is very difficult to find a husband like you and I am happy to have you.

The word love in my life starts with the name of you and ends with your name and the solution to all the problems in my life is your love.

You have given a new look to my life and because of you many blessings and joys have come in my life from Allah Almighty and I love you very much.

I love to hug you and kiss you and then spend time with you and due to you, I have a lot of beautiful moments in my life.

I was so happy when you thought of making me your life companion and I love you so much and I wish you a good day every day.

Best love quotes for husband

You are a great husband who made my life a paradise and never let me miss anything and I got what I wanted.

Love Status In English For Wife

Best love quotes for wife

I will continue to love you like this until the last day of my life and I thank you for making my life so wonderful.

I am so happy to spend time with the most beautiful wife in the world and I will continue to love you in the same way till my last breath.

When I kiss you and then spend time with you, all the worries of my life go away and happiness comes into my life.

You have made all my family happy by being a perfect wife and you have fulfilled what they dreamed of and you are truly a beautiful wife.

My heart was empty but you filled it with your love and as a wife, you fulfilled my life with joy and happiness.

I have heard that love is blind and I saw it today because I love you so much that I can’t see anything around me and I only look at you.

I am blissful that you are the mother of my children, as well as my beautiful wife and I, have the right to love you all the time and today I want to spend time with you.

love messages for gf

I can’t imagine the beautiful moments of my life without you because a perfect wife like you plays an important role in making my life beautiful and I will continue to love you.

When I wake up in the morning and see your face, the beauty in my life begins to come and I am very happy to make you a part of my life. The smile on your face takes away all the fatigue of my day.

Attitude Love Status In English

love messages for bf

I love only those who love me and I have no time at all to listen to those who hate me. This is my life and I have control over who I love and how I live my life and no one can stop me.

If you can’t handle me in a bad situation then you have no right in my beautiful moments and I will forget my past and look at my future and take care of it myself.

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My feelings are not something that will ever be broken I will not give anyone the right to break my feelings and I can have the only laughing joy in my life.

I have now turned my back on this world and fallen in love with my true God and I am always in love with Him and I have no other person in my heart now.

I will no longer be ashamed of my mistake and do as many foolish things as I should have done. I will now live my life in a clever way and strengthen myself by putting myself on the right path.

Whoever loves someone in this world has always been deceived and this world is the enemy of love and now I will love my life and make my life beautiful.

Best Love wishes

Love in a person’s life is like soap when you think you have it, it slips out of your hands and goes to someone else, so love yourself to make your life beautiful.

You can’t buy someone’s love with money in your life nor can you pay the price of love. You can’t live your life without love I think a man needs love more than oxygen.

Sad Love Status In English

Love Quotes for him and her

You have given me so many troubles in life and you have never loved me but let me tell you one thing that I will always love you in my life.

I wish I ignored you and never took an interest in your life the way you ignored me in my life and added the troubles in my life.

Best Wishes love

I’m happy to love only people who love me and people who hate me I’m not interested in loving people and you are one of them.

You can see me smiling but you don’t know how much sadness is behind my smile and I keep crying in my heart all the time. You see my smile, you understand that I am happy in life.

When I loved you and I got nothing but to be ignored by you and my heart broke and my heart cried tears of blood, I realized that now I have to be alone in life.

I loved my life so much when I loved you but I don’t care about my life anymore because you rejected my love I don’t love my life anymore.

You hurt me so much in my life that I can’t describe you but still, I will love you because a man never forgets his first love

I forgot you and you forgive me and I don’t need anything in this world and my smile does not say that my life is easy because I am very worried inside.