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My Life My Rules My Style My Attitude

No one can impose his will on me. I am the master of my own life. I am not a slave to anyone and I do whatever comes to my heart. Because my life and my principles, not others.

No one can stop me from doing anything because I am the master of my own will and I will do whatever comes my way. I have my own life and rules. Keep up the good work.

Who are you to rule over me? I am the master of my own will and I am not a slave to anyone. Just do your job and do not interfere in my affairs.

The principle of my life is to be good with the good and bad with the bad. This is my life and I am not a slave to anyone. I am free to do anything and I have my own rights to live.

I always appreciate the true and goodness crime against the false and badness. Take a look at your collar before pointing your finger at my character.

Never mess with me because I answer bricks with stones and you don’t know who I am. I have my own life, whatever you do, who are you to run your will on me?

No one can stop me from bringing good in this world no matter how many enemies I have. No one can harm me because I have my own life and I can make my own life decisions, I don’t need anyone.

The rule of my life is to live with peace and love with everyone. Because if there is love there is life. I make my life Paradise by spreading love everywhere.

The principle of my life is that I will be the cause of peace in this world and there will be obstacles in my way. I will answer them bluntly. No one can stop me from doing good deeds.

My Life My Rules My Attitude

I have the right to make all the decisions in my life and I can’t give it to anyone. I have my own life, and live the way I want.

You speak your language, who are you to interfere in my affairs? No matter how much trouble is in my path, I will never leave a good path.

Love is another name for life and if it is lived with love then life becomes like heaven. This is the rule of my life and I will always abide by this rule.

Helping each other and giving happiness to each other is the real success and the peace of life in it and this is the rule of my life.

The one who is jealous of me will be jealous. I do not care about anyone. I will continue on my path. No one can stop me from achieving success because hard work is the real success.

Life is nothing without rules and the rule of my life is to help each other. I hate people who are sweet on the face and hypocritical on the back.

When my God is with me, no power in the world can harm me. My enemies are always jealous and I will jealous them with more success.

I don’t like hypocritical friends who do my evil behind my back and sympathize with me on the face. It is better for me to be alone instead of living with the hypocrites.

I will continue to add more status and celebrate my success and make you jealous. Behind the success of any human being is also his enemies because their words help him to be successful.

Patience and gratitude is the best deed and this is the rule of my life because it brings abundant blessings of God to man and also helps man to become a great man.

The rule of my life is to make as many friends as possible and reduce enemies so that there are friends who will support you in every difficult hour and make your life a paradise.

In order to live a successful life, it is necessary to make and follow rules, and the best rule is that everyone should live with love and serve others.