If your sister’s wedding anniversary is approaching and you want to wish her then here you can find lots of wedding anniversary wishes to sister and brother-in-law that might be helpful for her to enjoy this day.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Sisters are gifts from God, so take care of them, and here discover lots of wedding anniversary quotes for sisters and sister-in-law to let them know that you love them. 

You can also share the best wedding anniversary gift with your sister to win her heart and write a note with the gift so that she will be pleased.

Weeding Anniversary Wishes For Sister

wedding anniversary wishes for sister and jiju

Today is a very happy occasion because today is your marriage anniversary and I pray to this beautiful couple for a happy anniversary and may God make your best life even better and make happiness your destiny.

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Your life full of love and affection is truly admirable and I am glad that my sister has got a very good and kind and loving husband for whom I am thankful to God and congratulations to you from me. 

My dear sister, whenever I see you, I am very happy because you are happy and your happiness is my greatest happiness and I am thankful to God Almighty that God has blessed you a good husband. 

There is no precedent for the way you and your husband have lived together happily and every step of your life. Today is the day to celebrate your beautiful memory that you were married and I wish you a happy life.

God Almighty has made a very good pair and I congratulate this beautiful couple very much and it is unique. May the happiness of the couple be eternal and may God not allow any sorrow to come near you.

anniversary wishes for sister

My dear sister, seeing your love for your husband and his love for you makes me happy. I thank God Almighty for writing happiness in your life and making your life a model of heaven.

I pray that your marriage will be blessed and you will always be happy with your husband and fulfill your every happiness and may God keep him safe forever.

My dear sisters, on the occasion of this beautiful anniversary, I am sending you a very beautiful gift that is worthy of you and all the love and prayers from me are with you and if you need anything, your brother will sacrifice his life for you. 

I pray that you will always be happy and smile like this and live a happy and good life, and may God Almighty keep the best and beautiful couple of you both safe and bring good times in your life again and again.

wedding anniversary wishes to sister in law

My dear sister, today is a very happy day because today you have got your love and I pray that you will always be happy with your love and no sorrow will pass from you.

My dear sister, congratulations to you that today is a happy day for all of us but I am also sad that you are going away from us but I will pray that may Allah keep you in our hearts forever.

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May Allah Almighty keep you safe forever and may every happiness be your destiny and may He bless you with the best blessings like children and may every happiness be your destiny. All my prayers and love are with you.

Congratulations from me to you and your husband as well as to the beautiful children. You have lived a wonderful life and I pray that this love between the two of you will continue to grow and last forever.

You have always supported me in my hardships and sorrows as well as you have supported your husband. I am very proud that you are my sister and I am also proud of your husband that the best man is my brother-in-law.

The ten years of your life were very memorable and this year will never forget me because you have lived your life of love and your life is a perfect example for all of us.

wedding anniversary wishes for sister with photos

Happy another beautiful year of life and I pray to God to fill your life with happiness and may you always love each other and become one another’s companions. May you live a beautiful life.

Weeding Anniversary Wishes For Brother-in-law

wedding anniversary wishes for sister and brother in law

Thank you so much for living a beautiful life with my sister and taking care of her after us. You are a nice person and all my prayers are with you and my sister for a happy life.

You are a nice person who always loved my sister and you never let her feel anything this is all you are doubt and this is more than my expectations. I think you so much and congratulate you on this happy occasion.

I am glad that the best person like you is my brother-in-law and you have always kept my sister happy for which I am very grateful to you and prays that may Allah Almighty keep the couple happy forever.

You are a very good person and thanks to your sincere love you have made your place in our hearts and now you have become a part of our family for which I am very thankful to Allah Almighty that a person like you is our family member.

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Today five years have passed since your marriage and in these five years your sincere love has won the hearts of all of us and I wish you a very happy wedding anniversary and I pray you and my sister always be safe.

You have always supported us in every difficulty and sorrow and as the best companion. You are proven a well-wisher off congratulate you on your happy wedding anniversary and pray for your happy life. 

You have made my sister’s life a model of heaven and you have made every effort to keep my sister happy. Happy birthday to you and I am sending you a wedding anniversary gift give me a chance to be happy by accepting it

In the last three years, you have lived a very good and wonderful life and given my sister every happiness for which I am very grateful and it is a pride for me that you are my brother-in-law, and may your future life be full of joy.

wedding anniversary wishes for sister images

You are a very good and caring person and the smile on my sister’s face shows that you have never hurt her and always made her happy and I am very happy to have a person like you in our family. 

You sacrificed you every happiness for my sister’s happiness made my sister’s life a model of heaven and gave her every happiness. Today is your 5th wedding anniversary and congratulations from me.

Weeding Anniversary Wishes For Sister-in-law

anniversary wishes for sister in law

There is no precedent for the way you valued and loved my brother. Today, five years have passed since your marriage. I wish you a very happy fifth wedding anniversary. I pray that this ideal life will go on like this.

May God bless the best sister-in-law like you because the way you have served my brother and my parents you have won our hearts. Be beautiful as the years go by and wish you a happy tenth wedding anniversary.

I want to tell you that you are the best sister-in-law in the world who has always made my brother happy. You have always lived with love for all of us. Thank God that a woman like you is my brother’s wife. 

Your love and kindness are a beacon for all of us and happy anniversary from me. Increase my happiness by accepting this gift given to you and I pray that such days come again and again in our life.

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My brother has chosen a very good woman and I am very lucky to have got the best sister-in-law. You are a gift from God for all of us. And your marriage anniversary is a source of joy and blessings for us.

May God make your wedding anniversary full of happiness and may there be no sorrow in your life and may happiness be written in your destiny and may you be given a happy and better life.

Ever since you got married in our house you have brought happiness and blessings. Today is your first wedding anniversary and there is no precedent for the love and the best way you have spent a year.

This is my good luck that I have got such a nice sister in law and I consider you are the blessing of God. This is your day, so enjoy this amazing day with my brother full of love and happiness. 

sister weeding anniversary quotes

Another happy anniversary has arrived and I wish you from the bottom of my heart. You are dearer to all of us and all the best wishes and prayers are with you. 

Your love is everything for us and all the moments spent with you were memorable. This is our good fortune that we have such a nice family member. 

On this beautiful marriage anniversary I wish, you and pray for you are happy life. May you get every happiness and God fulfills wishes and make your life Paradise.